East Africa Emergency Services

East Africa Emergency Services (EAES), through its local partners, offers Peace of Mind Services. This service allows U.S. Diaspora to sleep better at night knowing their loved ones have a provider lined up in case of an emergency. Medical emergencies are inevitable. But having the right services in place can make all the difference. The key to survival is often having a trained professional on the scene of the emergency as soon as possible.

EAES currently offers three services:

  1. Peace of Mind Services - provides 24-hour emergency response for your loved ones living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Together, we can make Ethiopia a safer country for those you love! Click here to purchase.
  2. COVID-19 Care Packages - A contactless check-in and care package delivery within Addis Ababa. This one-time service includes a thoughtful care package of basic essentials (such as injera, 1/2 kg of berbere, 1 kg of shiro powder, fresh vegetables, coffee and fresh fruit, and personal care items such as soap and toilet paper for a family of up to 4 people for up to a week*) and also a friendly check-in with your loved ones. Feel free to contact us for additional deliveries.  Click here to purchase.
  3. Donate Food to an Ethiopian Family in Need - EAES and Tebita are working with local authorities in Ethiopia to identify individuals and families in need. Please fill in the form below to donate 1 or more food deliveries for people in need - $35 each. Click here to donate
  4. Home-Based Medical Checkups - EAES, in partnership with Tebita Ambulance, is offering home-based medical checkups to those living in Addis Ababa. We understand that the current landscape with COVID-19 has made many people reluctant and fearful to seek medical attention for new and chronic conditions. To meet this need, Tebita offers home-based medical checkups. This service includes a trained medical professional visiting your house (or your loved one’s house) and providing medical services, recommendations and treatments, as necessary. Don’t allow your medical condition to advance because of current fears. Let EAES and Tebita help you in these times of need*** - $45 per checkup. Click here to purchase

ServicePriceLink to Order
Peace of Mind Services (1 year)$199LINK
COVID-19 Care Packages (1 care package)$49LINK
Donate Food to an Ethiopian Family in Need (1 donation)$35LINK
Home-Based Medical Checkups (1 checkup)$45LINK

*Items may be substituted pending availability.
**Please note, at this time, for regulatory reasons, subscriptions for the Peace of Mind Services and care packages are only available to subscribers located in the United States for their loved ones in Ethiopia. We hope to expand this in the future - please check back soon!
We reserve the right to limit services to 100 new clients per week. 

***Note: Treatment and medications may be an additional cost.

About Our Service Providers:

Tebita Ambulance - A Note from the Founder:
My name is Kibret Abebe, and I am the CEO of Tebita. We are a pioneer in providing pre-hospital and emergency services and first aid training across all of Ethiopia. Tebita Ambulance Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Service (Tebita) is the first private ambulance and emergency service of its kind in Ethiopia. First established in November 2008 by a dedicated professional anesthetist, Tebita has become internationally recognized as the emergency care provider in Ethiopia.

Watch a video about Tebita on CNN: